How to choose the right office chairs?

Picking an office chair for our workspace may sounds like an easy task. But there are many factors that should come to our minds before blind picking the office furniture in Kerala. From the duration of the time you spend for sitting, kind of your works, climate of the country to the sitting posture, these elements should be checked and ticked before choosing a new chair for your office. These factors may affect your health as well as the yield of your works. Working in an office involves a great deal of time sitting in an chair for continuous hours. Therefore it is important to choose the perfect office furniture in Kerala inorder to avoid health issues.
          There are many types of furniture available for office chairs in Kerala. But the perfect combination of certain factors result to the best. These factors allow the users to make the chair work well for their specific needs.
Seat height: The height of the chair should be easily adjustable. Hence chairs with pneumatic adjustment lever will be the easiest one. These chairs let the user to have their feet flat on the floor with thighs horizontal and arms in the height of the desk.

Width and depth: For a comfortable seating the chair should have enough width and depth. The appropriate depth of the chair let the user to sit with their back against the backrest. Adjustable forward and backward tilt will make the seating more comfortable.

Lumbar support: Lumbar support or the lower back support is an inevitable element in an office chair. Sitting for long hours without the back support tends to have pain and strains in the lower spine. An adjustable lumbar will give a proper support to the user according to their convenience.

Backrest: The backrest should support the natural curve of the spine. There are two types available: backrest separate from the chair and backrest attached together with the chair. In both the headrest should be able to adjust in appropriate angles for a comfortable head rest.
Seat material: It should have enough padding for a comfortable seating.

Armrest: The adjustable armrest allow the user to rest arms comfortably.

Swivel: chair should easily rotate to allow the user to reach different areas of the desk.

Office chairs in Kerala comes with many sizes, shapes, material and designs. With powerful design and features, sitting in office chairs for long hours is no big deal.


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