Finally, Some relief for office chair users with an ergonomic model.

Iam talking about considerations like extra space in the seat and a high backrest than normal office chairs. So you will not end up feeling like you’re about to crack your back sitting at your desk all day.

At FERE Office furniture in Kerala, Many people come to us looking for an office chair that gives them relief and comfort because they know that we manufacture the chairs to fit the individual needs of our customers. Most of our chair models are designed especially for office use which lasts the comfort for a long period.

But many times we end up choosing the wrong chairs. why does it happen?

This is because we are not aware of the quality of chairs and normal chairs. There are some specific features to be noted to look for when shopping for an office chair where you can be comfortable, productive, and focused for extended periods and are money worthy. We try our best to make the chairs easy to use and flexible enough. This is certainly what we are working on with our stylish office furniture in Kerala. Though each of our office chair models has preselected parts, it’s almost always possible to interchange them with parts from other chair models to create the chair that fits and works the very best for you.

Here are some of the seat options you can choose for the best fit that our office chairs in Kerala feature.

  • Seat width: always make sure that your chair width fits you in comfort and has more space to move.
  • Seat depth: With up to an extra seat depth extension, our seats are designed to handle taller people. you should have a minimum space width from behind your knee to the edge of the chair. This keeps the blood flow behind the knees maintained.
  • Seat height adjustment: Being able to move your seat up and down is very essential for a taller or short person. Ensuring the proper height, your hips should be slightly higher than the knees also opens the pelvis allowing blood to flow freely through the upper and lower body
  • Seat foam: Our exclusive LIFE- Foam seat has an added high-density foam core, which assures your chair will never bottom out.
  • Weight capacity: Some of our office chair models have a warranty weight capacity of 350 pounds and are best for any weight person.
  • Back and neck supportBackrest: The backrest moves up and down with our ratchet technology, allowing you to get the ergonomic lumbar support where you need it at a Maximum height. Headrest: Many of our office chair models are available with either a built-in headrest or an added cushion so you can have neck support as well.
  • Adjustable armrests: a good chair with an adjustable armrest is a boon to office chair users. So that they can move the arms and rest them however needed in the chair. Sometimes both the height and the width of the arm brackets need to be adjustable. Moving the armrests away from you can increase your mobility, especially if you’re not at your computer desk. But, they can be moved back into place to minimize tension in your shoulders and strain on your wrists making it comfortable.
  • Temperature-regulating technology: Therma-Guard will actually absorb body heat and trap it away while you sit – keeping your body temperature constant and comfortable. Look for breathable fabrics like our fabric, mesh, or natural leather. It is will be a great alternative during summer days.
  • Warranty: As a certified chair manufacturer FERE offers a lifetime warranty on most of our luxury, premium, and featured office chairs. It can go up to 5 to 10 years.

Our Customer Service representatives are ready and willing to answer your questions if you need more specific information on how to get your perfect ergonomic office chair from us.

Nowadays many people are going back to the office, at least having a part-time, and they may be spending more time working undisturbed, sitting in one spot, than they have in the past several months. If they haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort so far, that’s a sign of having a good ergonomic office chair. But without having a proper office chair for your ergonomic support, problems can begin for the lower back and neck. These issues reduce productivity, amplify lack of focus, and could lead to increased absenteeism as research proved.

There are several reasons to purchase ergonomic chairs for your office because:

1. Supports your body in the natural position.

When sitting at a desk for extended periods without the proper support, your body becomes fatigued and you may start to experience pain or discomfort, often in the lower back. Having a quality, a well-designed ergonomic chair will allow most users of different sizes – including big and tall – to achieve good support where they need it.

2. Achieve a neutral posture

Ergonomic office chairs in Kerala have different adjustments to make sure you have a neutral posture alignment to prevent many long-term health issues based on your sitting positions. For example, FERE chairs have over 20 ergonomic options, like adjustable lumbar support and seat slider depth, to fit your individual needs. Our unique seat design distributes your weight evenly and decreases pressure points on the back of the thighs and tailbone.

3. Reduce neck problems

Issues with the lower back are discussed most often, but your neck and shoulders are also at risk for long-term issues if you have an office chair without the proper neck support. Some ergonomic chairs have built-in headrests (like the Our High-Back chairs) or they can be added to the design ( Mid-Back chairs) to help improve blood flow while reducing neck muscle strain.

4. Mitigate arm-wrist issues

Having an armrest that can be adjusted appropriately to support the weight of your arms, reduces muscle strain that occurs in the shoulders and upper arms when not in support. As well, armrests are beneficial when we are using the keyboard or mouse, the armrests can prevent strain which leads to long-term wrist issues. generally, your armrests have a swivel function and a height adjustment mechanism so that they can be positioned wherever you need them to be.

4. Identify unique solutions for back pain

Not every ergonomic office chair is created equal. Innovations need to be made to make them unique with science-based evidence, to improve our work lives with a perfect seat. At FERE we pride ourselves on keeping your comfort and your health top of mind.

Most back pain and discomfort are caused by the inability of our body to move naturally. The only solution for discomfort is to keep your poster changing by providing natural motion to the legs, pelvis, and core. When the core muscles are engaged through constant motion, the back is in a healthier posture. The researcher also proved that movement is very important for your body as well as for your mind and creativity, spinal fitness, and the maintenance of a healthy metabolism.

The FERE’s unique office chair design helps in the motion of the alternating sides and stimulates natural movement. These flexible movements increase circulation in the largest muscles of the body, especially in the back. Sitting with one leg slightly lower than the other off-weights the opposite ischia, or tailbone.

Improving the working lives of the people in your organization who put their time and energy into your company’s success, first, they should be in comfort, This is the first wise choice you should make an investment for your success. There are several benefits that quality ergonomic office chairs can bring to your bottom line with a healthy future and productivity for your workforce. Please contact our Customer Service representatives, who will be happy to offer help or advice on the types of ergonomic chairs or posture supports we offer.


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