Why do I change my chair when I’m comfortable in the chair I use?

Why do I change my chair when I’m comfortable in the chair I use?


You are comfortable now! Yes, I am, then you really don’t need a comfortable chair for now. It is not about the present situation. Actually, these questions are arisen among freshers who just have started using chairs. You will really start finding a comfortable chair when days are passed working seated for long hours. Won’t your current chair get damaged if you use it for long hours on a daily basis? You will definitely search for a new chair, or get repaired. You spent a lot of money and time regularly changing your chair. But when it comes to high-quality, branded office chairs you no need to worry about their repairs and spend unnecessary budget on them.


Why do you need an office chair?


Actually, most of them ignore the chair they are seated in, in a modern changing digitalized world. More and more companies arise with a seated job in front of computers for long hours. Work actually has become a part of our life. 75% of our time is spent on our work. so it is very necessary to be taken care of in these timeless hours of working.


A job in front of a computer is really very hard, they are the people who have to face many seating problems. If this is not taken care of properly with comfortable seatings you will end up with back pains, the most common problem of being seated.


Simple solutions with simple stretches

The fact is that it is very simple to solve such a simple problem. Most of them are not aware of their slowly developing seating problems.


Click here to watch a video on the benefits of an ergonomic office chair


One simple update to your old office chairs with high-quality, flexible, and ergonomic office chairs is all you need. Just think about the benefits you are getting from a high featured chair.

What are you worried about? Is that the budget to spend on a chair?

You may be heard a well-known saying that ‘health is wealth”. What is the use of the money you earn, if it is not used to take care of yourself? then working all day, hurting yourself is not at all fair.

Just shifting your low-quality chair to a high-quality chair will make a big difference. a poorly designed office chair can give us only pain and discomfort in return, but an added featured chairs have some specialties they are as follows:


Adjustable headrest:


An adjustable headrest is one of the basic features for resting our head and shoulder perfectly and turning it however we wish to keep our head. This feature I love it. It reduces the strain of our neck and shoulder when it is hurt after sitting for long hours.


Large backrest:


The most important feature of an ergonomic chair I the back chair. It supports the entire back, it has the ability to recline. We are easily flexible with its backing it’s bake is designed in the shape of our spine line to support.


Adjustable lumbar support: 


This feature helps in more flexibility for the back to stretch. Think about the stretching part after working seated for many hours… don’t you feel comfortable while stretching. This feature is mainly made based on this concept.


Ability to swivel


You are able to swivel the chair in Any direction to reach an item or thing at your desk.


The base is fixed with 5 or more pedestals for stability:

It has 5 supportable pedestals for stability.


Freely moving castors: 


These freely moving casters help to move smoothly while seated adding an advantage to all other features.


The lever to adjust seat height:

There is a lever fitted to adjust the seat height according to the desk you sit on. This is one of the most advantageous features which adds up the beauty and comfortable seatings…


Adjustable armrest:


Armrest provides support to your arms when needed, you can use it the way you like, I sometimes used to take my note placing on the armrests.


High-density padding– material:


Padding materials used for the seat are very comfortable, not much hard nor softer… The material used for seating is easy to clean.


Office chairs in Brief…

An office chair is a type of chair that is designed to use at a desk in an office or home. It is usually a chair, with a set of wheels for mobility and adjustable height according to the needs and with some added features to give comfort. Modern office chairs usually have distinctive load-bearing leg, which is under the chair seat. From the floor, this leg spreads out into several smaller legs, which are often wheeled (casters). Office chairs were developed around the mid-19th century. During those days more workers spent their work shift sitting at a desk, which was very difficult and lead to the adoption of several featured office chairs which are specially made for workers, and these features are not found on other chairs.


Types of office chairs

There are different kinds of office chairs designed to suit different needs. 

One of the most common chairs is the task chair, which does not offer lumbar support or a headrest. These chairs are not fit for long use generally become uncomfortable.


Another type of chair which support our back is a mid-back chair 


Mid-back chairs offer back support,  with the right ergonomic design,( which comes in the shape of our spine)these chairs can be sat in for 5-6 hours at a time or longer. High-end chairs, such as the Herman Miller and the Steelcase Leap are comfortable for long hours of time. Some mid-back chairs offer customization choices that can allow for a headrest and shoulder support part.


Executive chairs offer full-back, shoulder, and head support. Many executive chairs are designed to sit in for 8 or more hours at a time. These type of chairs are usually more expensive as it provides many benefits.

Some Health Benefits of an Ergonomic Chairs are:


  • The most important one is Posture Support.
  • Helps with Back Pain as many faces it sitting 
  • Reduces Neck and shoulder pain.
  • Relieves body Pressure.
  •  Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Boosts working energy and productivity


I hope this blog was really helpful and informative if you are decided to take care of your health order the best chairs you ever get.


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