How long do office chairs in Kerala last before they need to be replaced?

Office chairs in Kerala are available in many varieties so we cannot fix the period of longevity   . Each chair is distinct f rom the materials made. Also, it depends on the person who uses it, and how it is kept. Most probably the expensive chairs are the most lasting. This is not a fair statement right. Those who cannot afford expensive chairs also have the right to         sit in a comfortable chair, they also put the same effort while working. So the chairs are designed in such a manner that they are affordable and comfortable with a well-designed structure using long-lasting materials.

To check and assess the longevity of an office chair. Find out the answer to the questions below? You will get a clear answer of how much it would stay?

How often the chair will be used?

First, consider who will use the chair? whether the chair is for yourself alone or many? 

The chair should be bought according to the use of the chair. If you need a chair for multiple uses then you should be bought according to it. if the chair is used by only you then buying a type according to your type is a good choice. Some chairs will not fit all body types. for multiple uses buy a heavy usage chair that last longer (24-hour chair). 

The ergonomic design chair shown above is built with prolonged usage in mind. It is very strong and comfortable. What a chair needs- comfort. this chair is best for office workers, receptionists, and call centers job employees.

How and for what the chair be used?

The second question is to analyze the answer to this question. If you are using the chair every single day for long periods or using it for temporary usage. The purchase of the chair should be according to the usage. If you are using the chair only for work then a chair with advanced supporting features like the above-mentioned chair will be of great help.


I have mentioned below some types of chairs that are very useful for different use.

The best  chair for the Home office

If you are a working person at home you need a strong chair because your chair are been going to use by other family members in the house. If there are children then your chair must be double stronger to stay longer.

A mesh chair, fabric chair or ergonomic type chair or any high back series chairs are best for home office use. it is quite comfortable and well protective. start searching for a home office chair from Fere furniture manufacturers. 


The Gaming chair

If you need a chair for playing games, depending on the usage it varies from each person

if limited use then a quality chair will last long years. Heavy usage and cheaper quality chair much be kept on replacing quickly. Buying a chair evaluating the usage you can decide whether to opt for a cheaper chair or an expensive one. It depends on you. We are offering an affordable chair with can be used for many years if you want one then search for it over here.

Receptionists or doctors

A 24-hour chair is best for working professionals with the heavy usage of the chair the cheaper chair stays only for min 1 year or less than an expensive chair. High-quality chairs are always good for working not only gives comfort but also stays longer than 5 to 6 years.


Work office

If you are looking for a chair for the office, then choose a chair with gives lumbar support, headrests, back support, and height. An adjustable seat will protect you from body pains and also has lots of health benefits.


As you found the usage time, and the purpose of the use is the main factors that determine the longevity of the chair. Any chair-related queries you can check out our recent blogs.


Normally high-quality chairs can last up to 10 years if used properly. A good chair should last attest 7 to 8 years. Data by an experienced chair user.


What to do after 7 to 8 years of usage?

Every single thing in the universe has Wear and tear.  The office chairs in Kerala are replaced after the expiry date. The old look, color, and adjustable features will be lost. The old comfort will be lost. the old chair will change the look of the home or office also it creates bad postures. over a time a chair needs replacing.


A quality chair is a Long-Term Investment

If you want your chair to be an investment rather than a liability. Then purchases quality one first itself, then you will find no problem of fixing regularly or spending on frequent repairs. It is a piece of furniture an asset you use every single day to gain productive results the life span also depends on the money you invest in the chair. If proper care and maintenance are given, then the chair will last for a maximum of 10 years.

Fere office chairs in Kerala are of 5-year warranty and affordable .it is based on the quality of chairs we manufacture.

Some technical factors affect the longevity of the chair.

Several different elements determine its longevity. They are as follows:


A chair’s longevity depends on the making of office chairs. The construction of the chair is based on the quality and materials used in making the chair. If a chair is made of plastic then there is a larger chance of breaking. one which is made up of metal, and wood will stay long for years.. If the chairs are built-in high-quality control it will be the huge difference



Not only the construction but also the usage as we said before above also depends on the life of a chair 



 A  chair used more will lose its power soon.  Using a 24-hour chair will help to stand more. The higher the usage the higher the wear and tear. 


A Place where a office chair is used. The place where chairs are kept should be clean otherwise the dirt and dust will get stuck into the chair castors and get easily damaged. A clean chair will stay longer. Our fabric cushion of the chair will get very untidy if not in a clean place. As time passes the mechanism of a chair such as a gas cylinder, castors, and lever adjustments can get unworking later on. An employee with sharp tools, rough jeans, and dirty shoes will make more damage to the chair.

Fabric material used

Fabric comes in different materials, some of them last longer, and a leather chair with proper care will stay more than any other chair. Some mesh compositions of fabric material will get damaged soon. 

Care and maintenance

The more a chair has cared the longer it will last.  The maintenance and care of a chair have a very important role in protecting its life span a frequent replacement of castors before breaking, changing gas spring, keeping the fabric clean, etc. Will improve the life span.

Does your Chair need Replacement?

Your chair is time for a change it can be identified by some key points:

  • If the leg of the chair breaks off, the back support mechanism not working, and the seat is torn, then you need a new chair. If the supporting features don’t work they have no use in having a chair.


If your chair doesn’t look like replacing or you don’t find any physical issue on the chair. but a sign of replacement is mentioned below:


  • Warranty date: if your warranty date is going to be covered. many chairs cover the defects in the chair but a chair will not be replaced. If you are feeling uncomfortable in the chair and your chair expiry date is expired then it’s time to get a new one.
  • Small visible tears in the chair: most chairs first get a hole in the fabric. This means that it should be replaced. for some chairs, only the affected part can be fixed.
  • Mostly the legs and backs are the biggest threat that an office chair faces. you can replace the chair only by changing the broken or damaged area if you can spend money for its repair. Spending on repairing the chair or getting a new one this choice depends on you.
  •  If you are getting uncomfortable sitting on a chair. If your chair is not providing you with proper comfort as before then it needs a chair. Due to long usage, its comfiness may be lost or compressed. this comfortless will end up in lower productivity and back pains
  • The mechanisms are no longer tight and stable it becomes loose over a period. any of the parts which are used more, and keep on adjusting will later become very loose and its adjustment mechanism becomes very hard to adjust. This can be fixed by tightening with bolts, temporarily. But still, it does not give the perfectness as before. replacing that part will work out.
  • The gas cylinder change: your gas spring must be replaced if a heavily weighted person uses the chair, then a chair’s gas spring should be changed, many don’t know how to replace the cylinder so many changes their chair itself. if you want to change the chair spring then you can contact an office chair repairer.
  • The look of the chair has turned dull, then changing a chair is the best option.  A shabby look reflects a poor feeling of the entire company or home


Should You Replace Your Chair if you feel comfortable in it?


If your chair is facing any above-listed problems then changing the old to a new office chair from Kerala is always a good idea. if you don’t feel like changing, it’s up to you, but you will soon notice an opportunity to change the chair. Having a good and healthy life is the dream of every single working person when you are decided to change your chair it’s an investment in yourself, self-care is the first step towards any success. Shift a chair or buy from the best office chairs in Kerala directly from the manufacturers.

I hope this small piece of information was very helpful!


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