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I have been sitting for a long time, even though I need a good comfortable and back protecting chair, then I thought of why don’t I write some types of chairs available in our markets and guide you by providing all the details on the different varieties of chairs. I have researched many contents about the chairs which will help you to know about the chairs and their benefits. When I was searching about office chairs in Mangalore, I heard the word 24 hours chairs which were quite interesting! 

What does a 24 hours chair mean?

24-hour chairs, heavy-duty chairs, literally office chairs or chairs for those who work seated.24-hour office chairs in Mangalore are designed for long periods of use. Made for workplaces with shift workers, these office chairs offer comfortable seating for long periods with longer validity. Generally, leather and fabric office chairs in Mangalore have a long lifespan than any other chair.

I started continuing my research on different types of chairs then I found some chairs :

  • High back series 
  • Medium back series
  • Low back series
  • Visitors or guest series 
  • Perfo series 
  • Barstool series
  • Training series and
  • Revolving series 


There are a lot of chances that you give more thought to the mattress you sleep on than the chair you sit on. It’s quite natural that everybody prefers a good sleep. But if you spend several hours more than eight, then you need to choose the right chair for you… it’s a good idea to give the seated chair more attention. It’s not just about finding a comfortable seat it’s about the material and quality you select. The right materials can support the body and having plenty of adjustability options for the chair can tailor the chair to your body. My favorite chairs are as follows:


The 8 Best Office Chairs in Mangalore

Upgrade your home or workplace in style with these comfy seats.

1. High back series

A high-back office chair is a chair that has a taller backrest to support both your neck, shoulder, and back. The tall backrest ensures more support for your neck, shoulders, and back, so these chairs are more comfortable and practical. Office chairs manufacturer in Mangalore offers you this type of chair. These are the most comfortable high back series chairs:

  • Steelcase leap – the most comfortable one
  • Eurotech Vera – back comfort 
  • Steelcase Gesture- arm comfort
  • Human scale different smart – a comfortable one
  • BTOD Akir -seat comfort


2. Medium back series

A mid-back office chair is a chair that doesn’t have a headrest to support your head on the chair. Its height is lower than your shoulders, but these chairs are best for proper lower and mid-back support. Essentially, a mid-back office chair offers reasonable support to the mid and lower back which is most considered while seating. Comparatively, a mid-back chair comes with full lower back support only Whereas a high-back chair has a taller backrest and usually comes with neck and headrest pads however, this does not mean that the mid-back chairs are less comfortable or less efficient than high-back chairs comparatively. According to the study, a mid-back office chair’s backrest should be about 26 to fit the man

3. Lower back series


Low-back chairs are a practical option if you need to maintain movement while seated. They don’t provide support to the upper back, neck, or head while seated. They’re not good if you spend more than a couple of hours sitting at a time, or if you have existing upper back or neck problems. Those don’t have any problem you can opt for it. 

A chair that allows your lower back to maintain a good neutral position, supporting your lower back, can reduce stress on the spine and back. Comparatively, The low back chair supports the lower to the middle of the back while Mid-back chairs can reach up to the shoulders or neck, mainly for the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

4. Visitors series


Their office chair manufacturer offers you the best visitor chairs or guest chairs. A stylish visitor chair, also known as waiting room chairs, these chairs come in a wide variety S of options. Comparing your other office chairs in Mangalore, whatever your requirements and budgetary There has visitor chairs to suit you.


5 . Perfo series


The Perfo Chairs that we offer are highly recommended amongst the clients for their wide use. Offered products are highly demanded amongst the clients for their durability and material. An office chair, or desk chair, is a type of chair which are fixed with each other. A set of 3 chairs together. Mostly used in hospitals, schools, offices, etc.


6 . Barstool series


Barstool Chairs & Stools. A type of kitchen Barr is an automatic crowd-puller in any setting mainly found in restaurants. Complement it with the right kind of bar chairs & stools, and you’ll soon find the best one from the Thefere manufacturing company. Find here Bar Stool Chair,  Get contact details & address of the company’s manufacturing, and select your choice.


  1. Training series


 Offering Training Series Chair, these are chairs with desk attached to it it is very helpful for training purposes, mainly students use these type of chairs these chairs include Writing Pad with a chair attached with.


  1. Revolving chairs


A swivel, spinny, or revolving chair is a chair with a single central leg that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right, flexible in moving anywhere you like. The first swivel chair was invented by Thomas Jefferson and is supported to be the chair on which we can move while sitting. The actual price range of Revolving Chair products is between 4,600 – 5,000 per Piece it differs based on the quality. Office chairs are provided with wheels for easy and frictionless movements with ease.

How much does an office chair cost? When it comes to office chairs, there is no one price that fits all. Office chairs in Mangalore can range in price from 1000 to 5000, depending 

on the build quality, adjustments, and other features. You should expect to spend more on a high-quality chair with a 10-year warranty, customization options, and at least four other features.  

If these numbers are out of your price range, then just check out the office chair manufacturer in Kozhikode, I think that you can easily afford it.


I hope this small piece of information was helpful to choose the type of chairs for yourself!


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